• Martin Gagnon

Better Business Bureau Tips to Avoid Scams during Coronavirus

Watch out for Coronavirus Cons:

Keep the following tips in mind when looking for face masks or other ways to protect yourself from the coronavirus. 

  • Be savvy about product claims. Be sure to evaluate claims of any medical product before buying. Especially watch out for products claiming to offer a “miracle cure” for a range of ailments.

  • Only buy from reputable stores and websites.The best way to avoid getting scammed is to buy them directly from a seller you know and trust. Check to see what other consumers’ experiences have been.

  • Be sure the online store has working contact info: If a company seems legitimate but you aren’t familiar with it, be extra careful with your personal information. Before offering up your name, address, and credit card information, make sure the company is legitimate. A real street address, a working customer service number, a positive BBB Business Profile… these are just a few of the things to be looking out for to determine if a company is legitimate.

  • As the disease spreads, be wary of other coronavirus cons: Look out for fake cures, phony prevention measures, and other scams. Read BBB's alert about fake coronavirus cures


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