• Martin Gagnon

Is That Your Real Finger?

Our last presidential election saw accusations of fake news reach epic proportions. However, concern over the influence of fake news on elections is not just limited to elections in the United States. In India, many are fearful that several already debunked fake news stories which are once again being circulated will influence the 2019 election. The BBC news Reality Check team reported that these fake news stories include claims that the leader of the main opposition party is richer than the Queen and Narendra Modi’s educational qualifications are not as high as he says they are. In the most bizarre fake news story being circulated, some are claiming that prosthetic fingers are being used to allow people to vote multiple times. In India, every voter is required to dip a finger in purple ink so they can’t vote more than once. The idea with the prosthetic finger is you would dip the fake finger in the ink and then come back and vote again using your real finger.


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