• Martin Gagnon

The Art of Selling a Deal

President Trump has been critical of the New York Times reporting of the US-Mexico tariff deal. The controversy stems from whether the agreements were an accelerated timetable of previously agreed on points or if the provisions were new agreements. NBC News had an interesting opinion piece (June 10, 2019) by Julio Ricardo Varela with the headline "Trump's Mexico tariff deal is fake news. Mexico has been enforcing U.S. immigration policy for years."

Varela is one of the founders of the non-profit organization, Latino Rebels. In an NPR interview, Varela talked about the purpose of the group.

VARELA: We started in 2011, and it was a time where we saw a lack of English-language stories in the U.S.-Latino community. It was about the time that other outlets started to do it, but we were kind of one of the first and we were - since we're independent and a little bit alternative, we found our niche pretty quickly. But yeah, no, it's happening a lot.

It's happening with Fox News Latino, NBC Latino, Fusion, which is a new ABC-Univision partnership, HuffPost Latino Voices.


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