• Martin Gagnon

Who's Your Grandaddy?

I am a history nerd, so I love history facts. The other night as I finished up reading LikeWar, I read this interesting tidbit. Many claim that the historical icon Benjamin Franklin, was “the founding father of fake news in America.” As a 16-year-old apprentice at the New-England Courant, Franklin published a series of letters using the pen name of Mrs. Silence Dogwood. The letters often poked fun at various aspects of life in colonial America, such as this quote about hoop petticoats:

These monstrous topsy-turvy Mortar-Pieces, are neither fit for the Church, the Hall, or the Kitchen; and if a Number of them were well mounted on Noddles-Island, they would look more like Engines of War for bombarding the Town, than Ornaments of the Fair Sex. An honest Neighbour of mine, happening to be in Town some time since on a publick Day, inform'd me, that he saw four Gentlewomen with their Hoops half mounted in a Balcony, as they withdrew to the Wall, to the great Terror of the Militia, who (he thinks) might attribute their irregular Volleys to the formidable Appearance of the Ladies Petticoats.[1]


Image Source: Smithsonian Magazine July 3, 2009


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